The Solanki family lives in a neighborhood right outside of downtown Superior and was evacuated Thursday afternoon as flames moved rapidly into the area.

“I wish this did not happen, it just happened in the blink of an eye,” Nirmal Solanki, whose home was destroyed by the Marshall Fire said.

Saturday he and his wife went to the Oreman Roche Trailhead to take an in-person look at what was left of their home. A friend of the family approached our FOX31 and Channel 2 crew on the ground and asked to use the news camera to zoom in and get a closer look at their home.

“I wasn’t able to believe it. I wanted to see it for myself,” Solanki said.

The home was burned to the ground. Solanki said the biggest loss is the memories with his family at the home they lived in for three and a half years.

“Especially at the end of the new year. You want to celebrate but there is nothing to celebrate right now,” Solanki said.

They weren’t the only family using the trailhead to their advantage. The Mansfield family also went Saturday to check out their home.

“It’s just an incredible survival. I’m so thankful,” Glenn Mansfield said.

Mansfield’s home was standing and the fire came within feet of their backdoor. The home’s fence was burned but besides that, untouched by the blaze.

“To see my neighbor’s house across the street is completely gone,” Mansfield said in shock after seeing his home was still there.

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