In the announcement of its new Lumix S 35mm F1.8 yesterday, Panasonic also revealed it was working on an 18mm F1.8 lens. While no details or images accompanied that announcement, we now have out first glimpse of the new lens, thanks to Panasonic China.

As discovered by Mirrorless Rumors, Panasonic China has posted an updated image that shows off a washed-out profile of its forthcoming 18mm F1.8 wide-angle lens alongside its current lineup of dimension-matched primes lenses.

The 18mm F1.8 lens would fill the fixed focal length gap between 14mm and 20mm in the L-mount lens world.

No information is presented alongside the upgraded graphic, but it’s clear the 18mm F1.8 lens will share the same ergonomics and dimensions of the 24, 35, 50 and 85mm F1.8 Lumix S primes. As Panasonic pointed out in its release of the 35mm F1.8, this design choice means each of the lenses should be able to be swapped-out when used on a gimbal or with follow focus rigs, as the overall weight, balance, shape and dimensions are similar.

The other prime lenses in the Lumix S F1.8 lineup range from around $450 to $900, so it’s safe to assume the 18mm F1.8 version will fall somewhere near that range when it’s inevitably released.

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