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Hot Toddy

A hot drink, otherwise called hot bourbon in Ireland, is normally a blended beverage; made of alcohol and water with honey (or, in certain plans, sugar), spices (like tea) and flavors, and served hot.

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Original Pancake

The best recipe of Classic Pancake Original. I love to make this dish with this recipe i got from my grandma friend's. Try this recipe now

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Fish Tacos

On a natural level, the fish taco can be decreased to an exceptionally straightforward condition: Fish + Tortilla = Fish Taco.

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  • Where did you get this recipe from?
    We get this recipe from various sources, ranging from personal experience, other people and other google sources.
  • Is this recipe easy to make?
    Yes, we make it very simple for you.
  • Do you guys sell raw ingredients?
    Unfortunately no, we only share recipes.
  • Why do you rarely update?
    We try to update as often as possible, if you want to get a certain recipe, please leave a comment.
  • Why do you need a recipe?
    We provide a guide for people who are not very good at cooking and provide as detailed information as possible for those who like to cook

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